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Both of these science fiction movies are based on time travel and what the planet Mars might have been like if it had an atmosphere similar to Earth. Mars became a waste land millions of years ago and though there has been many hypothesis no one really knows what happened, or if life ever even existed on Mars at all. Mars is a planet with mystery and excitement of the unknown and many people have formulated different ideas about the existence of life on Mars and what it would have been like. There have been science fiction books written and science fiction movies made about mars over the decades which have even made the planet more interesting. Going to mars from Earth would be an undertaking of incredible ingenuity, knowledge and needed support from all the nations of the world to succeed. Lost on Mars and Empire of Danger are Science fiction movies that will take you to that place when there was life on mars and by showing  you what it may have been like with a thriving livable atmosphere with human life. A place not to different from the way things were on Earth many years ago. If you have an imagination and you want to travel back in time to a far off and strange world of the past, then these two science fiction movies just might be what you have been looking for.


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